Fang Zhouzi interviewed by kaiwind and decoded ‘mysterious phenomenon’


“Scientific fighter” Fang Zhouzi accepted exclusive interview by kaiwind on February 27, he decoded the backgrounds of various “mysterious phenomenon” and revealed the mysterious veil.

With the recent Lan Ke’er elevator “mysterious” event as a starting point, Fang Zhouzi pointed out the abnormal behavior of Lan Ke’er, which can be explained from a scientific point of view, and it was not a “supernatural” event. Subsequently, Fang introduced and revealed the four famous “mysterious phenomenon” of “Bermuda Triangle”, crop circles, the Loch Ness monster, and Shennongjia “savages”, saying that a large number of human fabricated traces were behind the ” mysterious phenomenon ” , and even some phenomenon were completely artificially coined. Finally, Fang made deep analysis about the creation and spreading reason of the so-called “mysterious phenomenon”.   

Fang believes that the so-called “mysterious phenomenon” are exaggerated or fabricated by the fabricators for their own interests. Among them, some people aim to sell books, some want to publicize local attractions to attract more tourists, and some people want to become known. The Almighty God, and Falun Gong cult created “Miracles” to deify their gurus, or created panics to confuse people, or created terror to control followers. The root of all lies in the unspeakable interests of the fabricators.

At the end of the interview, Fang said that the reason for the unstopped “mysterious phenomenon”, to some extent, was that there was a certain lack in human’s physiology and psychology, so they took the advantage of the loopholes. As long as we have more rational thinking, more skepticism, more scientific literacy, and more accumulation of scientific knowledge and scientific methods, can we resist the confusion of the “mysterious phenomenon”.


Japan’s Supreme Court upholds acquittal of ex-Aum Shinrikyo cult member in Tokyo bombing case KYODO DEC 27, 2017 ARTICLE HISTORY PRINT SHARE The Supreme Court has upheld a lower court ruling that acquitted former Aum Shinrikyo cult member Naoko Kikuchi over her role in a 1995 parcel bombing at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. Rejecting an appeal filed by prosecutors, the top court’s First Petty Bench said in its decision dated Monday that the Tokyo District Court’s 2014 ruling that Kikuchi was guilty of assisting in attempted murder was based on an error, and that it endorses the Tokyo High Court’s 2015 decision to overturn the lower court’s verdict. Her acquittal will be finalized by Thursday if the prosecution does not file an objection. Kikuchi, 46, was arrested in June 2012 after 17 years on the run. She was later indicted over her role in the parcel bombing in May 1995, two months after the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack orchestrated by Aum Shinrikyo killed 13 people and made more than 6,000 others ill. In the bombing incident, members of Aum sent a parcel containing a bomb to the Metropolitan Government head office, resulting in an explosion that seriously injured a Tokyo government employee. Masaaki Utsumi, 66, lost all the fingers and thumb on his left hand in the explosion. He said in a statement released Wednesday that he thinks its difficult to verify the facts two decades later. “I think the passage of 20 years has made the truth of the incident easily forgotten and prevented a trial from properly verifying guilt,” he said. Utsumi said he is concerned that people’s memory of the case itself will fade as time goes on. Utsumi was injured when he opened the booklet in which the bomb was set while checking mail addressed to then-Tokyo Gov. Yukio Aoshima. The bombing was intended to disrupt a police investigation into the cult and prevent the arrest of Aum founder Shoko Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto. A key point of contention in Kikuchi’s trial was whether she was aware of the possibility that the chemicals she carried to one of the cult’s hideouts would be used to kill or harm people. She pleaded not guilty, saying she “didn’t know” how they would be used. In a lay judge trial at the Tokyo District Court, Kikuchi was sentenced to five years in prison, but the top court pointed out that the lower court’s process of inferring her awareness was “illogical.” With the effective conclusion of Kikuchi’s trial, only the case involving Katsuya Takahashi is ongoing among a series of trials against individuals with ties to Aum. Takahashi, who also spent 17 years at large, is appealing a murder conviction stemming from the subway sarin gas attack. He was sentenced to life in prison by district and high courts. Kikuchi is the second person to be fully acquitted among those accused in the series of Aum-linked crimes. Yuji Nakamura, a lawyer for a support group for victims of crimes committed by the Aum Shinrikyo cult, warned the religious body is still active and teaches its members that the criminal cases were concocted and cult leader Matsumoto on death row is not guilty. “The cult should not utilize the latest Supreme Court decision as a proof (of its argument),” he said. Kikuchi joined Aum Shinrikyo in 1989 and served as a poster girl for the cult by running in marathon races to advertise the group.

How Falun Gong views the mix-blood

Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, says that the mixed blood, the offspring of different races marriage or “hybrid,” is rootless and aberrant race, indicating that the human moral today is extremely bad.

According to Li Hongzhi, the existence of mixed-blood is a plot of alien beings to damage the link between human being and the heaven. When he lectured in Switzerland he said: “The alien beings mix up the races and separate humans from gods.” Li Hongzhi lists ten “evils”: mixed-blood, homosexual, computer users, tradition breakers, democracy believers, and “science worshipers,” etc. He encourages the mixed-blood to practice Falun Gong if they want to get out of the plight.

Below are the comments of Li Hongzhi on the mixed-blood:

“As far as humans go, people of mixed race no longer have corresponding human races in heaven.” (Teaching the Fa at a New York Meeting, 1997)

“Any ethnicity in the world is a race that corresponds with the heavens. After mixing blood people no longer have their correspondence to the gods in the heavens. And then it is possible that none of the gods that created humans will take care of them. Then with regard to these people, they are very pitiable.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston)

“After races are mixed up, you will find one’s child born to be an infant of mixed blood. However, there is a partition in the middle of this child’s life. If it is separated, he will be physically and intellectually incomplete or a person with an incomplete body.” (Lecture in Sydney)

“This science was set up by aliens. Their purpose was to unify human beings and simplify their thoughts to the point of being as uniform as machines. And they unified knowledge to make it easy for them to later on control and replace human beings. Furthermore, they’ve chosen a few nationalities as the vanguards of their future, total control of humankind. Japan is the vanguard that drives technology. The United States is the vanguard in breaking away from all ancient cultures on earth. The cultures of even the most ancient and closed-off nations haven’t been able to escape. The whole world is being impacted by America’s modern culture. England was the vanguard in the manufacture of machinery during the early stages, and Spain was the vanguard for mixing the human races. The way alien beings get human beings to shake free of the gods is to mix the races, causing human beings to become rootless people, just like the plant hybrids people make nowadays. South Americans, Central Americans, Mexicans and some people in South East Asia – all of these races have been mixed. None of this can evade the gods’ eyes. Alien beings have made rather extensive preparations for overtaking human beings.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland)

Interview with Li Hongzhi

TIME: How does Falun Gong differ from other types of qigong?
Li: There are different practices of qigong in China and in other countries, but they are primarily aimed at healing illnesses or keeping fit and maintaining good health. I am teaching a higher level of qigong. It encompasses a greater content. It is like the Tao, which is known in the Western world.

TIME: And this expresses an inner energy?
Li: You probably know that some people have supernormal capabilities. They are unique capabilities that are created during the course of the cultivation practice. In order to reach a higher level, we require people to reach the perfection or completion of cultivation. In Chinese we call this attaining the Tao.

TIME: In your book [Zhuan Falun] you talk about people levitating off the ground but you say that they should not show other people. Why is that?
Li: It is the same principle that Western gods in paradise should not be seen by ordinary mortals because they cannot understand its meaning.

TIME: Have you seen human beings levitate off the ground?
Li: I have known too many.

TIME: Can you describe any that you have known?
Li: David Copperfield. He can levitate and he did it during performances.

TIME: You have said that this type of qigong should not be used to cure illness. Why is that?
Li: Healing illnesses belongs to the lower level of qigong. A person with an illness cannot practice to a higher level. One has to purify one’s body in order to have gong. Healing and fitness are for laying a foundation at a lower level of practice.

TIME: Would you use qigong to cure an illness?
Li: I can do all of this, but I won’t do it.

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Thousands of members of a rapidly growing worldwide spiritual movement descend on Beijing and spook a communist leadership wary of any such organized dissent

TIME: Why not?
Li: Because I only teach people how to learn this dafa [great law] and to practice cultivation. I only teach the principles of fa to mankind. I won’t do anything else.

TIME: What is the final goal?
Li: The ultimate purpose is to enable people to attain the Tao and to complete their cultivation practice. In the end they can free themselves from the worldly state. I know that human lives are not created from the dimension that human beings think they know.

TIME: Why does the master reveal this path to the qigong now?
Li: Mankind has many things that it never knew before. What I can tell you is that human moral values are no longer good. In the course of the cultivation practice, one can upgrade oneself. Many people will be able to complete their cultivation and attain the Tao. There will be some who will not be able to complete cultivation but will become very good people.

TIME: Why did you come to New York?
Li: In China, the government is a centralized government. Because the number of our practitioners is large, the government may feel pressure.

TIME: It is difficult to teach in China?
Li: In China, there are more than 100 million who practice this. The official estimate of the number of practitioners is 60 million. I want to teach people to be good and not to be involved in politics. I told people not to get involved in political events to make sure that they have a very good practice in their environment without interference.

TIME: So why is the Chinese government concerned?
Li: America is a country with democracy. You probably don’t understand what it is like in a country that has a centralized government. The Chinese government knows that what I am teaching is good and that I am teaching people to have high moral values. They are only concerned because there are so many people practicing cultivation.

TIME: When did you learn about qigong?
Li: I started to learn when I was four years old. I was very young, and my teachers taught me aspects that were very simple.

TIME: Who were your teachers?
Li: I do not wish to have their names known. I had masters in two schools. Prior to the Cultural Revolution people enjoyed quite a bit of religious freedom. Chinese were quite used to such things. It was like going to church in the West.

TIME: When did you start teaching?
Li: I am more than 40 years old, and I have been practicing qigong for many years. When qigong became popular, I did not come out in the public. I did not want to teach about stopping illnesses or keeping fit.

TIME: What made you finally come out?
Li: When these masters asked me to come out. At the time I said that there were too many people practicing qigong, and I said that I did not want to cure illnesses or to help people keep fit. They said, What you do will be different. These people who are teaching how to cure illnesses and teaching fitness, are paving the road for your coming out.

TIME: Where were these masters?
Li: They were in the mountains.

TIME: How did the movement spread?
Li: Many people practice qigong in China. They all want to practice it to the higher levels, but no one was teaching them. They all wanted me to teach them. Some people organized the events and applied to the government for approval.

TIME: When did you decide to come to America?
Li: I came here last year, and I started the application the year before that.

TIME: Did you feel you were in danger in China?
Li: The government did not express a clear position, but the security ministries felt that there were too many people practicing. When we tried to hold meetings, they did not approve them because they felt there were too many people.

TIME: What is the wheel that is Falun?
Li: It is a pattern, or a symbol on the surface. What it is inside is much better.

TIME: So it is an idea?
Li: In the West, the spirit is separate from the body. In the East these are things that are very real and concrete.

TIME: You talk about placing the wheel into the body.
Li: I can use my mind to direct and order things to happen.

TIME: Is cultivation achieved through mental effort or physical exercise.
Li: Both are needed.

TIME: What happens after one attains the Tao?
Li: We have all heard about the Chinese deities. When one completes cultivation, one has special powers.

TIME: Can qigong prevent death?
Li: In the West, one can reach paradise through cultivation practice after death. In the East, one can achieve a divine status through cultivation practice while one is still alive.

Thousands of members of a rapidly growing worldwide spiritual movement descend on Beijing and spook a communist leadership wary of any such organized dissent

TIME: You talk about the period of the end of Dharma.
Li: While Buddha Sakyamuni [563-483 B.C.] was teaching his Dharma, there was no written language so the Dharma was passed by word of mouth. After 500 years, human discourse changed Buddha Sakyamuni’s original words and it came to an end. The ending of the Dharma means that the cultivation method began to become chaotic and could no longer enable people to practice cultivation.

TIME: Why does chaos reign now?
Li: Of course there is not just one reason. The biggest cause of society’s change today is that people no longer believe in orthodox religion. They go to church, but they no longer believe in God. They feel free to do anything. The second reason is that since the beginning of this century, aliens have begun to invade the human mind and its ideology and culture.

TIME: Where do they come from?
Li: The aliens come from other planets. The names that I use for these planets are different . Some are from dimensions that human beings have not yet discovered. The key is how they have corrupted mankind. Everyone knows that from the beginning until now, there has never been a development of culture like today. Although it has been several thousand years, it has never been like now.

The aliens have introduced modern machinery like computers and airplanes. They started by teaching mankind about modern science, so people believe more and more science, and spiritually, they are controlled. Everyone thinks that scientists invent on their own when in fact their inspiration is manipulated by the aliens. In terms of culture and spirit, they already control man. Mankind cannot live without science.

The ultimate purpose is to replace humans. If cloning human beings succeeds, the aliens can officially replace humans. Why does a corpse lie dead, even though it is the same as a living body? The difference is the soul, which is the life of the body. If people reproduce a human person, the gods in heaven will not give its body a human soul. The aliens will take that opportunity to replace the human soul and by doing so they will enter earth and become earthlings.

When such people grow up, they will help replace humans with aliens. They will produce more and more clones. There will no longer be humans reproduced by humans. They will act like humans, but they will introduce legislation to stop human reproduction.

TIME: Are you a human being?
Li: You can think of me as a human being.

TIME: Are you from earth?
Li: I don’t wish to talk about myself at a higher level. People wouldn’t understand it.

TIME: What are the aliens after?
Li: The aliens use many methods to keep people from freeing themselves from manipulation. They make earthlings have wars and conflicts, and develop weapons using science, which makes mankind more dependent on advanced science and technology. In this way, the aliens will be able to introduce their stuff and make the preparations for replacing human beings. The military industry leads other industries such as computers and electronics.

TIME: But what is the alien purpose?
Li: The human body is the most perfect in the universe. It is the most perfect form. The aliens want the human body.

TIME: What do aliens look like?
Li: Some look similar to human beings. U.S. technology has already detected some aliens. The difference between aliens can be quite enormous.

TIME: Can you describe it?
Li: You don’t want to have that kind of thought in your mind.

TIME: Describe them anyway.
Li: One type looks like a human, but has a nose that is made of bone. Others look like ghosts. At first they thought that I was trying to help them. Now they now that I am sweeping them away.,

TIME: How do you see the future?
Li: Future human society is quite terrifying. If aliens are not to replace human beings, society will destroy itself on its own. Industry is creating invisible air pollution. The microparticles in the air harm human beings. The abnormality in the climate today is caused by that [pollution], and it cannot be remedied by humans alone. The drinking water is polluted. No matter how we try to purify it, it cannot return to its original purity. Modern science cannot determine the extent of the damage. The food we eat is the product of fertilized soil. The meat we eat is affected. I can foresee a future when human limbs become deformed, the body’s joints won’t move and internal organs will become dysfunctional. Modern science hasn’t realized this yet.

At the beginning you asked why I did such things. I only tell practitioners, but not the public because they cannot comprehend it. I am trying to save those people who can return to a high level and to a high moral level. Modern science does not understand this, so governments can do nothing. The only person in the entire world who knows this is myself alone.

I am not against the public knowing, but I am teaching practitioners. Even though the public knows, it cannot do anything about it. People can’t free themselves from science and from their concepts. I am not against science. I am only telling mankind the truth. I drive a car. I also live in the environment. Don’t believe that I am against science. But I know that modern science is destroying mankind. Aliens have already constructed a layer of cells in human beings. The development of computers dictates this layer of body cells to control human culture and spirituality and in the end to replace human beings.

Thousands of members of a rapidly growing worldwide spiritual movement descend on Beijing and spook a communist leadership wary of any such organized dissent


Hong Kong Hedge Fund Files $88 Million Lawsuit Against Elusive Businessman Guo Wengui

Guo’s company, Golden Spring (New York) Ltd., is located on Fifth Avenue in New York
Guo’s company, Golden Spring (New York) Ltd., is located on Fifth Avenue in New York

(New York) — A hedge-fund company has filed a lawsuit against controversial Chinese businessman Guo Wengui in New York, claiming that the elusive real estate tycoon owes it $88 million due to a “straightforward breach of contract case.”

Guo, also known as Miles Kwok, fled China in 2014 soon before the Communist Party’s graft fighters detained his close associate Ma Jian, a former national security official who remains under investigation for suspected corruption. Interpol recently issued a “red notice” for Guo.

A “red notice” is a request to locate and provisionally arrest an individual pending extradition. It is not an international arrest warrant, according to the Interpol website.

Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund L.P. (PAX), an investment fund company, said it has been trying for years to get repayment of a loan borrowed in 2008 by Spirit Charter, a company that Guo controlled. The $30 million loan has grown to approximately $88 million after nine years as interest accrued, the hedge fund claims in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that Guo personally guaranteed the debt’s repayment but has repeatedly shirked his legal responsibility, using various means ranging from postponing the loan’s maturity dates to ignoring PAX’s notices regarding the debt. PAX is the main subsidiary of Pacific Alliance Investment Management.

Caixin has not been able to reach Guo for comment.

The lawsuit, filed on April 18, was brought against Guo before the state Supreme Court of New York on grounds that he has “engaged in a continuous and systematic course of ‘doing business’ in New York and is domiciled in the state,” according to a court document Caixin has seen.

A previous attempt by PAX to secure the debt’s repayment through judiciary procedures failed, even though it won that court case. Shiny Times Holdings Ltd., a British Virgin Islands-registered shell firm, which had replaced Spirit Charter as the borrower, was liquidated in 2016 under court order to repay the debt it owed. But the firm was insolvent at the time of the liquidation, and PAX said it was unable to collect any of the money it claims it is owed.

PAX said in its lawsuit that Guo bought his current residence on the 18th floor of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in the city in 2015 for $67.5 million and that he also maintains offices at 767 Fifth Avenue for a Delaware company he owns.

The 50-year-old Guo, the controlling shareholder in Beijing Zenith Holdings and Beijing Pangu Investment, was listed by Hurun wealth report as the 74th richest Chinese in 2014 with 15.5 billion yuan in personal assets.

A 25-minute video footage surfaced online last week showing Ma saying he used his position and power to benefit Guo’s business and took over 60 million yuan in bribes paid by Guo. It is not clear when the video was recorded, in which Ma was wearing a light puffer jacket. Ma’s case was handed over to prosecutors in February.

Guo also has close ties to Zhang Yue, who was the head of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee in the northeast province of Hebei when the graft probe of him began last April. Zhang went on trial last week at the intermediate court of Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, for allegedly taking bribes worth 158 million yuan.

A Caixin report published in March 2015 revealed how Guo, Ma and Zhang formed a close alliance, using security and legal power to meddle in business deals. In response to Guo’s subsequent actions attacking Caixin, Caixin has filed lawsuits against Guo and his companies in Beijing and in Hong Kong, accusing him of fabricating and disseminating untrue information.

Contact reporter Wang Yuqian (yuqianwang@caixin.com)