Falun Gong fabricates “miracles” again (photos)

Minghui Net published a “miracle” article titled Two Old Ladies’ New Lives on November 22, 2009. The article said, Aunt Yang, 76 years old, living in Helin Shicheng Town, Jiange County, was almost paralyzed after operation due to the three tumors on her back. “After knowing that Falun Dafa was good, Truthfulness, and Compassion and Tolerance was good, she quit the evil Party.. Now she doesn’t need wheel chair any more, and can move freely and take care of herself.” The article also stated that “Fu Shaolan, living in Yutai Village of Jiange County, had a major operation for bladder cancer at the age of 82, losing the capability of walk. Now she can do farm work and walk like a young person after speaking ‘Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance is good’ and taking Dafa amulet with her everyday. “

I just came from Jiange County, so I decided to make a field investigation. For the first event, I found there was no Shicheng Town in Jiange County. It may be Yangling Town, a place which was  called Shicheng before. I only knew the aunt’s last name Yang, so it was hard to find her. But since this 76-year-old Aunt Yang “quit the evil Party”, then she must be a member of Communist Party. As far as I know, there isn’t a party member who is elder than 70 in Yangling Town.

I found out there was indeed an old woman called Fu Shaolan in Yutai Village, Changling Town, Jiange County. Then I went there to see her.

According to Fu Shaolan’s neighbor Liang Dengmei at team 5 of Yutai Village, Fu once had myoma of bladder, then has been cured by operation at Jiange Chinese Medicine Hospital. “My home is 20 meters away from hers, so we often connect with each other. I have never heard she practiced Falun Gong.”

“About four or five years ago, when she had myoma of bladder, she was in hospital for more than a month and had been cured after operation,” another neighbor Liang Dengkun said.

Fu Shaolan, 87 years old now, lives at No. 32 of team 5, Yutai Village, Changling Town, Jiange County. She has four sons and four daughters. She lives with her second son, Liang Yanan, while the other three sons are in other places. She had myoma of bladder, but has recovered after operation in Jiange Chinese Medicine Hospital. When I asked about her life, she smiled and said that her kids were obedient and took her to hospital in time. She is happy and healthy after she left hospital.

Liang Yanan told me: “My mother is healthy, except some minor illnesses like cold. She must keep taking medicine, so she often gets medicine from the village’s doctor Fu Shaobai.”

When I asked “Someone said you recovered because you spoke ‘Falun Dafa was good, Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance was good’ and carried Dafa amulut everyday.” The old lady was very surprised: “I have never heard about Falun Dafa and never carried any amulet.”

Her son Liang Yanan introduced, his mother can’t read and write and never practice any Gong. She still cleans house, cooks the meals and does some other simple housework until now. “If illness could be cured just by speaking some words, then there would be no patients in the world…”

Fu Shaolan

The medicine Fu always takes