Exclusive: Li Hongzhi Changed His DOB (Photo)

Li Hongzhi wrote in his Application for League Membership that he was born on July 7, 1952. But with an aim to deify himself and cajole more people into practicing Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi falsified his birthday in his resume to May 13, 1951(the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, the same date of birth with Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism).

To perfect his fraud, on September 23, 1994, Li Hongzhi drove to visit Xu Yinquan (who was then the vice director of the Dispatch Division under Changchun Municipal Public Security Bureau, and had been the vice secretary-general of Falun Gong Committees of both Jilin Province and Changchun Municipality), requesting Xu to help make the change since his residence was registered in Luyuan public office, in which Xu’s brother-in-law Wang Changxue was the political instructor. Xu complied with the request at once. On the following day, Xu went to the public office, and asked Wang Changxue to help make a new identity card for Li Hongzhi on the excuse that the original one was lost. Wang Changxue agreed and asked a police woman Sun Lixuan to handle the necessary procedure.

According to Sun Lixuan’s recounting, on September 24, 1994 (Saturday), Wang Changxue led Xu Yinquan to her office, in which Xu filled up the residence booklet and the application form for expedite issuance of new identity card. Since the clerk Jia Mingshan was not present, Sun Lixuan affixed signature on behalf of Jia. As Xu Yinquan told her that Li Hongzhi’s date of birth was mistaken when he was demobilized, Sun Lixian then changed the date of birth to May 13, 1951 from July 7, 1952, and changed the ID number from 220104520707361 to 220104510513361. Then Wang Changxue approved the application form. On September 26 (Monday), Sun Lixuan reported Jia Mingshan the handling of Li Hongzhi’s identity card and told him that what she did was under the direction of Wang Changxue. Jia Mingshan made an additional note on the registry of identity card issuance.

With the approved application form, Xu Yinquan went to the ID card office under the Third Division of Changchun Public Security Bureau to make a new identity card for Li Hongzhi. The card, with a serial number of 220104510513361 and issuance date of October 20, 1994, said that Li Hongzhi was born on May 13, 1951.