Tragic death of a girl named Xu Xiaoying

My name is Xia Xianzhen. I’m seventy years old, a retiree of Xiaolongkan Tailor Shop, and lives in No. 3 Railway Village in Shapingba Street, Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City. My husband Huang Depu was born in 1940 and used to work with Chengdu Railway Bureau. He was obsessed with Falun Gong, jumped from a tall building in pursuit of “Consummation” and died tragically.

In June 1997, my husband borrowed a book entitled Zhuan Falun from one of his colleagues and told me that the book was about “Falun Dafa” which could not only keep fit but also help people reach Consummation of merits and virtues, and return to “the Falun world”. He asked me to join him in cultivation. I took the book and looked it over, finding it difficult to understand, and then gave it back to him.

However my husband was very interested. Each day after work, he just read Zhuan Falun wholeheartedly and kept on sitting cross-legged in meditation, sometimes up till midnight. He was not educated enough to take in all the meaning of the book, so he often went to consult some fellow practitioners and exchange with them what they had learned. Day by day, it seemed that he “apprehended” something from the book because he always talked to me such things as “letting go of fame, material interest and emotion”, “one person’s cultivation will benefit the whole family”. He bought CDs for Falun Gong and the Master’s portrait and read the book word by word and memorized it time and again.

As days went by, he was more and more obsessed with cultivation and became almost a different person. He cared less and less about me and the family and his amiability was nowhere to be found anymore. He became indifferent to our neighbors and friends, and even to our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. He just locked himself in his own room, sitting cross-legged in meditation, his head stuffed with such ideas as getting to higher levels and reaching Consummation all the time.

In July 1999, Falun Gong was officially banned by the government, of which my husband could not make sense. In order to let more people know “the truth”, my husband often took to the streets and distributed handouts, complaining of unfairness and calling for redress on behalf of “the Master”. I tried to persuade him time after time, but he turned a deaf ear and went his own way. Once he even warned me: “None of you can prevent me from my efforts to pursue Consummation.”

On February 13, 2000, my husband retired and he got more time for practicing Falun Gong. Besides cultivation at home everyday, he often went out to clarify “the truth” and to “promote the Fa”. Just as he said, he was determined to let more people know “the truth”. He became more and more diligent in his cultivation and once in a while he summoned fellow practitioners to exchange ideas in our home. He always said:” My Gong Power and ability are getting stronger and stronger as I keep practicing with others. The feeling of floating and ascension frequently occurred to me.”

He became dissociable and sometimes even fell into a trance. When we talked with him, he spoke incoherently, always saying such words like “If you can let go of life and death, you’re a God; if you can’t let go of life and death, you’re a human”.

One night on April 17, 2002, my husband told me mysteriously:” While I practice Falun Gong, I always feel weightless, like strolling in fog or gliding in the clouds.” The ridiculous “magic” feeling made my husband even more obsess with the cult and become more convinced that sooner or later he would reach Consummation and ascend to heavenly paradise.

One day in early December 2003, when I was washing bowls in the kitchen, I suddenly heard my husband shouting: “I’m about to reach Consummation, I’m about to reach Consummation…” I ran out of the kitchen and saw him standing on the sofa, posing for flying with opened arms, and chanting the same words repeatedly. I was frightened and pulled him off the sofa with force.

In the noon of January 8, 2005, when I was having a nap, I heard a crashing sound. I sprung up and found my husband was lying in unconsciousness on the sofa in the sitting room, blood streaming out from his neck, and a kitchen knife was on the floor. I dialed 120 for first aid with shivering hands. Fortunately, after emergency treatment, my husband came back to life. But as soon as he came around, he shouted: “I’m god. I don’t need transfusion or injection.” As we left the hospital, the doctor took me aside and whispered:” Madam, you have to be alert. Your husband has mental problem. Never irritate him.” As I went back home, I put all knives away and dared not ask him about his cultivation.

At 4:10 p.m. on February 16, 2005, as I came back home after shopping, I found a lot of people gathering downstairs. I pushed my way through the crowd and was totally shocked: My husband was lying on the ground, in a pool of blood. One of our neighbors, Aunt Zhao, told me: “I just got downstairs, and saw your husband stand upstairs with opened arms, and jump down, shouting “‘Now, I’m reaching Consummation and ascending to paradise’.” My husband, who was determined to pursue Consummation, jumped from the balcony on the eighth floor and died on the spot immediately, at an age of 65.