Chinese and Foreign Journalists Interview Participators of Tian’anmen Self-burning Incident


On January 19, 2005, former Falun Gong obsessing follower Hao Huijun, with her crippled hands, wrote a letter to disclose the essence of Falun Gong and express her determination of breaking away from it.

On the day of January 23, 2001, when it was New Year’s Eve of the traditional Chinese calendar, under the Master’s request of “Giving Up Life” and “Going Towards The Last Consummation”, Wang Jindong and six other Falun Gong addicts burned themselves on Tian’anmen Square, which was a shocking tragedy all over the world. As a result, two of them died and three of them were badly burned.

The tragedy has passed for nearly four years now. Among the seven people who had participated in the self-burning, Liu Chunling and Liu Siying, the mother and daughter passed away since their burns were too serious. Wang Jindong and Liu Yunfang were serving their sentences in Zhenzhou Prison of Henan province. Hao Huijun and Chen Guo, the mother and daughter whose faces were completely ruined and Liu Baorong went back to Kaifeng City and were provided with long-term education and appropriate treatments. The dead have left forever, but how are the people alive? How about their lives now?

Arranged by State Council Information Office of People’s Republic of China, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CRI, China News, Hong Kong’s Wenweipo, Associated Press, CNN and other Chinese and foreign media set up an interviewing group and interviewed Wang Jindong, Liu Yunfang and Xue Hongjun, one of the organizers of the incident at the Zhenzhou Prison on January 18, 2005.

When mentioning the situation four years before, Wang Jindong, Liu Yunfang and Xue Hongjun, who had gotten rid of the mental control of Li Hongzhi still regretted and felt angry.

Wang Jindong said he hated Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong from his guts. He still regretted that he was so obsessed with Falun Gong to such an extent of killing himself and even other people.

“Falun Gong is the synonym of ignorance,” Liu Yunfang, who was also mentally controlled by Li Hongzhi and actively participated in the self-burning incident recalled, ” If the policemen didn’t save me when I had been ready to turn on the lighter, I would be over or had ruined my face like Wang Jindong, Hao Huijun and Chen Guo.”

When talking about the fact that Li Hongzhi denied them as  “Falun Gong followers” after the self-burning incident, Xue Hongjun said, “It’s unfair that he said we were not followers. How many years have we practiced? I have practiced Falun Gong since 1994.”

After awakened from the nightmare, Wang Jindong had escaped from this spiritual fetters of Falun gong, but he also actively helped other Falun Gong followers out of their nightmares. In his own words, “Since I an awakened, I have the responsibility and obligation to do so.” The fingers of Wang Jindong were conglutinated since severe burns when he went into the prison. In June, 2004, the functions of his hands had been recovered  after the operation under the care of the government. He showed his hand to the journalists, “Now I can move my fingers freely.”

The 61-year-old Liu Yunfang felt very sorry, “I was more obsessed than all of them, so it was even more difficult for me to be awakened. When the foreign journalists came last time, I had not yet awakened.” However, he remembered clearly the date of “September 27, 2003”, he said that was the day he completely broke away from Falun Gong.

When thinking about Hao Huijun and Chen Guo, the mother and daughter, Xue Hongjun thought himself “very lucky”. When he heard that the mother and daughter were taken good care of by the government, he said he felt better.

Wang Jindong said he liked reading books and writing articles in spare times. The journalists heard that their sentences were commuted because of their good behaviors in the prison. Now they were looking forward to their future life. Xue Hongjun told reporters that he often met with Wang Jindong and Liu Yunfang, and the topic they often talked about was the plans for future life. He said, “Good health is very important.”

The three men have shared Wang Jindong`s words, “We will never forget the care and love of the government and the society.”