Zaobao: The Kaleidoscope of Human Nature

–A comment on the incident of Falun Gong followers committing self-immolation

The following picture is very familiar to many people. A GI loses all his brothers in the battlefield. For avoiding the fate as his brothers, the American government makes every endeavour and goes out of its way to seek and save the last son of the family. It is the impressive plot from an American movie winning many Oscar honors. As we have often learned from TV, the American government has made every effort to look for the remains of its killed soldiers all over the world. When someone has become familiar with these informations, graduallly, a seed has started to grow in his mind that the westerners stress the importance of the human nature.

On January 23, 2001 (Chinese Lunar New Year`s  Eve), under the instigation of Li Hongzhi’s fallacies, 7 Falun Gong members made self-immolation on Tian’anman Square, resulting in a tragidy with one dead and  four badly injured. Chen Guo, 19, young and versatile, studying in a music college, was one of the victims. Looking at her photos, we saw a beautiful and pure girl, but now, 80% of her skin was burned, especially, her face was severely burned. She became completely disabled in taking care of herself. That was what Falun Gong gave to the girl for the rest of her life. Another victim, Liu Siying, no more than 12, was once called “happy-nut” by her schoolmates. The Chinese New Year`s Eve, the most expected and happiest day of all Chinese children, turned to be the little girl’s nightmare. We could see the charred girl was just lying on the ground with eyelids turned over and yelling out to her mother who had burned to death on the spot,” Mom, mom…” She was died after unsuccessful emergency treatment.

Seeing the tragedies, everyone with conscience must be sorrow-stricken and bemoaned. The 12 years old girl was so naive that she could not independently think or choose. Instigation is enough to kill an innocent child without blood, like easily having his trust and telling him to place the little fingers into an high-voltage electrical outlet, the  naive child will follow whatever an abettor says. Liu Siying’s case is absolutely not a self-immolation but a total murder. The murderer, undoubtedly, is the abettor behind all the victims, his lethal weapons are fallacies like “going beyond the limits of  forbearance” and ” rising to the heaven for consummation”. Falun Gong abettor doesn`t hesitate to sacrifice the  innocent girl  as their chip of  struggle. It is hard to believe and highly shocking that there exists so despicable person in the world  who tramples human rights and lives like that. Instead of taking responsibility for this self-immolation incident, the Falun Gong organization did not show any vocal or even gesture of sympathy to its immolators, they just hastily got rid of those victims and said, “Those who made self-immolation are not Falun Gong followers!”

Reactions from the western media

The impression left by the western media all along is that they have stressed the importance of human rights and human nature, and most conspicuously when they make reports related to non-occidental countries. Several years ago, for example, an American young man was charged for committing crime in Singapore, the western media showed their serious condemnations immediately, but they condemned the local law and people rather than the criminal. The reason why they did so was that it was a matter of human nature and human rights. Today, the tragedy in Beijing provides the western media a chance to show their human nature and human rights. From the virtue and morality they persistently stand for, they should follow the same pattern of offering condolence to the victims and condemning the murderers.

Reading the western newspapers and magazines, every medium with no exception shows its concern about the incidents; reports and comments have come in succession for a couple of days. Though the backgrounds and colours are ifferent for these media, but the main points are no more than two following aspects:

1. Doubting or denying that the self-immolation incident is instigated by the Falun Gong organization. From TV, we can clearly see Falun Gong logos everywhere, and those victims willingly admit they all are Falun Gong followers. But facing evidence, an article of the Christian Science Monitor quotes an overseas Falun Gong spokesperson’s words that the suicide is forbidden in Falun Gong, the incident is just a put-up job made by the Chinese authority. The American Press also follows Falun Gong theory and says that China’s reports related to self-immolation are to slander the Falun Gong organization. The Financial Times of UK justifiably points out, “There is no evidence at all to prove that those victims are Falun Gong members.” What an objective and just medium!

2. Condemning Beijing repressing Falun Gong. The Reuters says, “Beijing is taking advantage of those horrific images of the burned bodies as its newest media weapon to fight with the Falun Gong organization.” The Washington Post’s editorial appeals to the new Bush administration for courageously confronting the Chinese government in religious and political freedom. A report of UPI says,”Falun Gong members` self-immolation focusses the people`s attention on China`s human rights records”. Falun Gong treats human life as if it worths nothing, but the self-immolation incident of Falun Gong “focusses” the people`s attention on China`s human rights` records, this is really putting things upside down and making things white to black.

The western media, actually, had learned the actions Falun Gong would take before it happened, they took video-cameras to record the “China human rights scandal”. The video played by the CCTV was the works of western media. Instead of following the fact or saving lives, they just protected the murderers. The western media has always appealed for human rights and humanism, but they just let it go at the highly crucial moment. All of a sudden, they take off the coat of humanism and put on the business suit of politicians at the same time.

Reactions from the American government

Rather than being based on the fact, the western media just follow their feelings, even report “unrulily”. In the movie, they tried their best to look for and save the soldier, but how did the humanitarian government deal with those tragedies when it came to the case happened in China? When responding the incidents of self-immolation, Bao Runshi, the spokesman of U.S. State Department, said, “Again, the American government condemned China repressing Falun Gong, and appealed to the Chinese government for releasing all those in custody and exercising their publicly recognized rights of religion, belief and freedom for the purpose of peace.” Regardless of Falun Gong trampling human nature and human life, this “humanitarian” government was going so far as to stand on the opposite side of human nature and completely becoming the protector of the murderer ruining a 12 years old girl’s life. The value of the American government to humanism can be expressed by a pair of couplets:  the upper one, the American soldier’s destiny is as important as the Rocky Mountains; the lower one, the Chinese little girl’s life is as cheap as a straw; the couplet rhyming, the American is totolly different from the foreigner.

What`s incredible was that the mayor of the local government of a city in California, U.S.A., awarded Falun Gong a diploma. Although clearly knowing the self-burning incidents from TV, the mayor said Falun Gong was just a kind of Chinese Qigong exercises to keep fit.

On January 31, a report form the World Daily said Li Hongzhi, the leader and the founder of the Falun Gong organization, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by 46 American congressmen. Henry Brown, one of the congressmen, pointed, ” Li Hongzhi has been fought with the power by means of peace, his courage is what the principle of the Nobel Peace Prize advocates. Under the support from the international community, Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong can promote China to be a more open and more tolerant society. Nominating him the Nobel Peace Prize will recognize his and the Falun Gong learners’ irrefutable power in reforming society.” After reading it, we have to think, ” It must be wrong!”. Will the prize be awarded to a selfish children-murderer?  Actually, there was nothing wrong, the report was correct and also logical. It is the value that American politicians hold, it is the game which prevails in American politics. Both “peace” and “humanism” are the chips of the politicians for their ambition.

Falun Gong is so favored by the American government, but the treatment to its own cult, the Branch of Davidians, is totally different. The FBI attacked the compound of the Branch of Davidians on April 19, 1993, in Waco, Texas. Koresh and about 80 of his followers were perished. Also, Aum Doomsday Cult has been spurned in the U.S.A..  The political games have been vividly played under the pretence of “religious freedom”- “the enemy’s enemy is your friend.”

KuangRen Diary, written by LuXun, “Checking our history, I find no years or time, there are several words distortedly written on the every page, they are virtue and morality. After carefully studying for the whole night, I work out something between lines covering all pages – eating people.” Along with the development of communications at the beginning of 20th century, the western culture has great influence on China, meanwhile, it also makes the Chinese people wake from and spurn the hypocritical side of Chinese traditional virtue and morality. The sentences from the LunXun’s works are a voice from the times. The world today has stepped into the times of information.Thanks to the modern science and technology, our insight can be deeper and clearer. There is a western kaleidoscope elaborately designed, with its  logos stamped by the signs of human rights and human nature. Out of the kaleidoscope, the writer finds out the rule and composition of the pictures, realizing that they are surprisingly identical to what LunXun realized at that times. It is that “every road leads to Rome”. The only difference is that the western “eating people” is more colorful and technological.

(, Singapore, February 6, 2001)