Reprinted the News of New Book “Cults Inside Out”

After US websites like and wrote articles to recommend Rick Alan Ross’new book Cults Inside Out, reprinted the news and told its readers that Cults Inside Out is available now on Amazon.

In its report, introduces that Cult Education Institute as an online library which was initially launched in 1996, and founded by Rick Alan Ross. The CEI ( database contains research material about hundreds of controversial groups and movements.

Cults Inside Out is now available on Amazon, which contains a step-by-step analysis that includes assessment, preparation and an in-depth clarification of the intervention process broken down into easy to understand blocks with actual case examples, such as the deprogramming of a Scientologist and a Falun Gong practitioner. says.

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“This book is dedicated to Hao Huijun and Chen Guo and all former cult members who have moved on to find freedom of mind.” learns of Rick Alan Ross’intent in the Preamble of Cults Inside Out. Ms. Hao Huijun and Ms Chen Guo are self-immolation survivors and former Falun Gong practitioners.