Paul Morantz: Rick Ross’s Cults Inside Out is Highly Recommended


Paul Morantz is a Los Angeles-based lawyer who has specialized in cult and brainwashing cases for over 30 years, specializing (perhaps the only attorney to do so) in litigating against cults and self-help groups raising the issue of brainwashing. He also specialized in suing psychotherapists and religious leaders for dual relationship violations and undue influence and was a co-founder of principles that psychotherapists are absolutely liable to patients they have sex with. Recently, Paul Morantz wrote a comment on Rick Alan Ross’ new book Cults Inside Out in his website ( as following:


  In my book Escape I wrote this would probably be the only book one needed to read on the subject of cults. Of course, there is always someone who can write even more information. For those who have an interest in the subject, and more so for those who have a need, i.e., someone close is involved, Rick Ross’s Cults Inside Out is highly recommended. Rick made education on cults his career move in 1980s and the online Ross Institute is probably the largest stockpile of information on the subject, including history, extraction and healing.

  Rick has taken that knowledge and put it into book form which includes a history of public awareness arising in the 1970s in the United States. It’s a good book for research and for anyone who needs assistance.