American Cult Expert’s New Book Highly Praised by Net Friends

In Oct. 2014, American cult expert Rick Alan Ross published his new book Cults Inside Out. Tony Ortega, who is a journalist, freelance blogger and famous cult critic, wrote a book review titled Rick Ross has a new book that will help you get someone out of Scientology on his blog, The Underground Bunker. The book review has been gained the attentions of the cult study circle, and many net friends who are interested in this topic from all over America have written down over 1,100 comment posts after Tony Ortega’s review article. Many net friends say Rick Alan Ross has done a great work and they are looking forward to reading his book ASAP. In addition to The Underground Bunker, another famous online bookstore and cult-watch introduced Rick Alan Ross’ new book. The net friends’ main comments are as follows:

Captain Howdy: Rick Ross is one of the great unheralded figures in the anti-cult movement. When I discovered his site in 2009 it was like I found the Holy Grail or some gold plates from the Guy In The Sky. Unfortunately thanks to some Crap singer and financial woes he lost his original domain.

chuckbeattyexseaorg75to03: Rick Ross I’d read about in “our” Scientology anti deprogrammer BS propaganda, for years, when I was a Sea Org member, I loved all our BS propaganda, it made me feel like we were right and you “deprogrammers” were wrong. Today, it’s so obvious that Rick and others who’ve made careers related to helping get people OUT of totalitarian cult groups are doing humankind a good service. Thank you, I’ve bought Ebook and hardback Rick’s latest book, and will use it and I refer my “hardest” cases to the pros, both to Rick and to Steven Hassan (and to Bonnie and Richard Woods who’ve done thousands of times help to family of Scientologists). And thank you Tony, it really has been the media like you back at Phoenix Times and the LA weekly papers, you and Ebner, who in the back of my cult member mind, it was someday to you media that DID take a real look at life for cult members, especially you Tony, your article on Tory and Larry Wollersheim just cemented my faith in the fact that you media get it right! Thankyou all so much! Chuck Beattyex Sea Org (1975-2003), I got in in Phoenix, AZ in 1975. 866-XSEAORG toll free advice message.

Caught In the Snow: It’s wonderful to hear about Rick Ross’ new book. I look forward to reading it.

Rick Alan Ross: Thanks Tony. Can’t believe it’s been almost twenty years since we met. It’s been a great experience for you, me and Scientology. Well, I don’t know about Scientology, Thanks again for your feedback about my book chapters regarding Scientology. All the best.

1subgenius to Rick Alan Ross: Thanks for all you’ve done all these years.

Sergeant Pepper to Rick Alan Ross: Thank you Rick, for your sacrifice. You have my gratitude, and I suspect the gratitude of many others.

Rick Alan Ross to Sergeant Pepper: Thanks. Happy Holidays.

FromPolandWithLove to Rick Alan Ross: Great work :). Forgive me using one of Scietologists’ favourites phrases, but Your work really MAKES DIFFERENCE :). I wish You best and Happy Holidays:)

Ruby: I am very much looking forward to reading Rick Ross’s new book. I was on staff back in the day when deprogrammers were portrayed as the man in the car offering candy to little kids. They were so “scary”. We had a public person that even came to stay at my house one evening because of the fear that her parents were going to kidnap her and submit her to the hands of the evil deprogrammer. I can’t believe I was involved in helping to keep a woman from her mom and dad for an evening because “we knew best”. I only hope I can learn more from this book to enable me to wake others up faster. ETA: The happy ending is that she broke free on her own a few weeks later.

1subgenius: Nice to share what got you going down the rabbit hole, Tony. I did not know this. It was something you asked me about when we met, and I’m sure there’s many interesting stories as to why and how everyone else has joined in the journey. Mine is not one of them. It just sort of happened. The Rick Ross book looks interesting, as it touches on a recent Jon Atack piece about how to talk to a Scientologist. I’d be interested in learning more about the lawsuit that he lost that Scientology was involved in.

Kim O’Brien: Nice to see Rick Ross is still doing , what has to be , one of the strangest and most interesting jobs you can have.

Chocolate Velvet: I am eager to read Rick’s book. I was so disappointed when his website went down — it was such a resource for cult-related articles and research.

Nat-lificent: Can’t wait to read Ross’ book and see if any of it will help with my cousins (or at least just the gay one).

DodoTheLaser: I am planning on getting Rick’s book very soon. This man worked in that field since forever. Tony, have you interviewed Rick before and I missed it?

Unex Skcus to DodoTheLaser: Second that, an interview with Mr Ross would be really interesting.

hatetomcruise: Just finished reading the brilliantly written interview with Rick Ross, and to repeat a phrase I’ve see here often, Scientology is always worse than you think.

Gabbyone: This book was suggested to me by Amazon a few days ago and I bought the kindle version because I am interested in the Christian-based cults as well as Scientology. It is an excellent book, and I was surprised to find that it had been out since October and that it had not been promoted. I am curious to know why this would happen. Does anyone know?