Amazon Readers Think Highly of Cults Inside Out

Amazon readers think highly of Cults Inside Out, which was written by American cult expert Rick Alan Ross and released on Amazon in November, 2014.

Until Dec.30, three readers gave five-star comments on Cults Inside Out, two of whom wrote the comments after the purchase. And among 21 readers, 19 readers agreed with the comments.

Paul Morantz (lawyer and cult expert) commented on November 2, 2014:

In my book ” Escape: My Lifelong War Against Cults” I wrote this would probably be the only book one needed to read on the subject of cults. Of course, there is always someone who can write even more information. For those who have an interest in the subject, and more so for those who have a need, i.e., someone close is involved, Rick Ross’s “Cults Inside Out” is highly recommended. Rick made education on cults his career move in 1980s and the online Ross Institute is probably the largest stockpile of information on the subject, including history, extraction and healing.

Rick has taken that knowledge and put it into book form which includes a history of public awareness arising in the 1970s in the United States. It’s a good book for research and for anyone who needs assistance.

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Michael M. Bennett commented on November 15, 2014:

An Important Work

Although we may think of cults as something relegated to the 1970s, the phenomenon of individuals and groups—both large and small—that utilize dangerous techniques and manipulate the psyche and emotions to exercise undue influence over people while promising “enlightenment,” true joy,” “realize one’s true potential,” “self awareness,” etc., is unfortunately still with us. Self-styled gurus, pop psychotherapists, facilitators, life coaches, and other merchants of snake oil are back in vogue and insidiously penetrating every segment of society. Enter cult expert Rick Ross, who has taken his three decades of experience in the fields of cult busting and exit counseling and distilled it into this compendium. The book serves as both a resource for anyone suffering the effects of a loved one who has been victimized and as a vaccine to prevent infection. Congratulations and thanks are due Ross for this important work.

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Ferdinand on December 21, 2014 commented: the point

Helped me much to understand how the CULT of Scientology uses brainwashing to destroy people.

According to Amazon, Cults Inside Out has 584 pages, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on October 16, 2014, with the price of 22.49 dollars.