Falun Gong Follower Lan Shaowei Killed Wife to Exorcise Demons


 Wang Jinyin


Lan Shaowei in deep remorse


Lan Shaowei and his wife Wei Zhihua

Both Lan Shaowei and his wife Wei Zhihua were native of Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. They went to work in Shenzhen in 1992, and began to practice Falun Gong in October 1996. On February 20, 2001, Lan Shaowei smothered Wei Zhihua who was 35-year-old then when attempting to have her exorcised. More than ten of other Falun Gong followers were present and witnessed the tragedy.

  In the year prior to the tragedy, Lan Shaowei’s mother came to Shenzhen to visit him. She followed the couple to practice Falun Gong. After she went back to Sichuan, she kept on practicing. She was so obsessed with Falun Gong that she refused to see a doctor even when she felt ill. In August 2000, her condition went worse. Lan Shaowei asked his wife to go back home to take care of his mother. He also asked them to keep on practicing. Two months later, his mother died. The poor old woman weighed only 25kg when she died. After the funeral, Wei Zhihua stayed at home to look after the children. The death of her mother-in-law made her doubt of Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong. She got increasingly anxious.

  In February 2001, Wei Zhihua returned to Shenzhen. She became more nervous when she learned that husband went to Beijing to defend Falun Gong. So she moved to live with her friend Wang Jinyin at the 6th Fenlong Abbey in Dafen Village, Buji Town, Longgang District, the place where Falun Gong followers gathered. Before long Wei Zhihua became absent-minded. She even criticized Li Hongzhi, “Li Hongzhi, you are a bastard. Why didn’t you save such a good person as my mother-in-law?”

  One day at noon, Wei Zhihua went out of her room and said to Wang Jinyin, “I have just talked with a person from another space. Li Hongzhi said he would take us to save our mother.” Thus Li Xinhui and Wang Jinyin believed that Wei Zhihua was possessed by demons. In order to exorcise the demons, Li, Wang and other five or six Falun Gong followers worked in two groups, reading Li Hongzhi’s teachings for Wei Zhihua and placing Li Hongzhi’s photo in front her. But their efforts were fruitless. Wei Zhihua kept on shouting and screaming. Li Xinhui decided to call Lan Shaowei who was in Henan then, asking him to go back to Shenzhen as soon as possible.

  On the afternoon of February 18, Lan Shaowei and his fellow practitioner Ouyang Jie went back to Shenzhen by train. Upon the sight of him, Wei Zhihua, who was almost mentally frustrated, said to him, “Lan Shaowei, we are all deceived.”Turning a deaf ear to her, Lan Shaowei agreed that she was possessed by demons.

  On February 19, more Falun Gong practitioners gathered in the house. At that night, more than ten Falun Gong followers surrounded Wei Zhihua, and read loudly Li Hongzhi’s teachings to her. When Wei Zhihua tried to run away, they pulled her back.

  When the dawn is coming upon, Ouyang Jie said Wei Zhihua’s attempt to run away would damage Falun Dafa. So Lan Shaowei suggested trussing her up. Then Wang Jinyin, Li Xinhui, Qiu Yixiang, Ouyang Jie and Lan Shaowei jointly tied up Wei Zhihua’s hands at her back, and then tied up her feet.

  Ouyang Jie ordered Wei Zhihua to kneel down in front of Li Hongzhi’s portrait, and asked her to beg help from her master. But Wei Zhihua refused to do that. She kept on struggling violently. Li Xinhui and other practitioners forced her to kneel on the ground, while the other practitioners continued reading Li Hongzhi’s teachings to have her exorcised.

  Wei Zhihua, who was tied up and forced to kneel on the ground, kept on shouting, “Don’t do that. I do not want to be a disciple of Li Hongzhi. He is a bastard. I do not like to be his disciple. You follow him as you like.”

  The Falun Gong followers got furious about Wei Zhihua for her insulting their master. They slapped her on her face. Lan Shaowei tried to smother her first with his hands, then with the towel given by Ouyang Jie. Four or five hours later, Wei Zhihua stopped struggle and shouting with her head drooped.

  The Falun Gong followers got excited when they saw Wei Zhihua fall down. Ouyang Jie told them that they have got rid of the demons. The others believed him and expected their master to show his supernatural powers by bringing back the soul of Wei Zhihua. So Lan Shaowei, Ouyang Jie and Li Xinhui took Wei Zhihua to a bed, awaiting her to come to life.

  But Wei Zhihua did not wake up. At about 21:00, under the direction of Falun Gong organization, Lan Shaowei and Ouyang Jie went downstairs to call for an ambulance. But at that time, Wei Zhihua had been dead for more than 20 hours.

  As medical staff in Nanling Hospital in Longgang District received the emergency call, they set off at once to save the victim. A few minutes later, they arrived at the site. Doctor Zhong Yuming found out the “patient” was a young woman who had been dead. When Doctor Zhong told the truth to Lan Shaowei, Lan insisted that his wife was still alive. Through medical examination, doctors found that the victim had been dead for a while, and that there were some signs of being tied up on the victim’s arms. So they reported local police.

  Upon receiving the report, local police carried out investigation, through which the police found that Wei Zhihua had been smothered to death. The police also got the red strings that were used to tie up Wei Zhihua.

  The active practitioners of Falun Gong in Shenzhen, including He Jian, Cheng Hao and Li Yan, were shocked by the death of Wei Zhihua. They were worried about the accident would ruin the reputation of Dafa since the public would know what had happened upon release of the news. In order to defend Falun Dafa as required by their master, they decided to mislead the public. They asked relatives of the victim to tell the police that Wei Zhihua died from disease.

  But Wei Zhihua’s younger brother Wei Guijun and another relative came to see the body of Wei Zhihua. They saw the signs of injury on her arms and legs, so did not accept the conclusion that she died from diseases. Lan Shaowei was detained by the police, but he refused to tell the reason of Wei Zhihua’s death. Therefore, the case had remained unsolved.

  Wei Zhihua’s three children knew nothing about her death. In the summer 2001, Lan Shaowei’s nephew Li Fenghui came to work in Shenzhen. He lived with Lan Shaowei. After he knew the death of Wei Zhihua, he inquired about the reason of her death. But Lan Shaowei refused to say anything. When Lan Shaowei got annoyed by the repeated inquiry, he said, “You won’t understand it because it did not happen to you.”

  The case remained unsolved until July 2001, when Li Yan, a key Falun Gong practitioner who got involved in concealing the fact, disclosed the fact to the police. Lan Shaowei was sentenced to 13 years in jail.