Canadian Falun Gong Disciple Killed in a Crash before Chinese New Year

According to the report published on Calgarysun and CBC website on the 31st of January, 2014, a staff of the East Central Ambulance Association (ECAA) in Canada Alberta died in a crash on the P.E.II Hwy on a wintry road conditions. It is reported that the victim was a Falun Gong disciple.

The report published on the 29th of January (Wednesday) stated that Mark Manns, paramedic worked in the ECAA, was killed on his way to work when his pickup truck lost control, flipped over the centre barrier and was hit by an oncoming semi on the P.E.II Hwy. Mr. Manns died in hospital hours after the crash. It is confirmed by the local Forensic Collision Unit that the accident was related to the poor road condition instead of the speed.

It is reported that Mr. Manns was 35 years old, born in Ontario and lived in Alberta. He was the husband to Stephanie and father of two boys. He loved the wilderness and even hitchhiking across the country four times. He dreamt of being a wilderness survival teacher some day. It is published that Mr. Manns was a practitioner of Falun Dafa who lived out the core principles of truth, compassion and forbearance. His friends said that he was also a defender of Falun Dafa.

According to materials on the Internet, Mr. Manns wrote long articles to defense Falun Gong which was suppressed by the Chinese government from several perspectives and actively took part in the discussion of the so-called ‘human rights’ problems. In 2007, Falun Gong’s main media published news that Mr. Manns praised the performance conducted by Shenyun Troupe in Calgary, Canada. From what mentioned above, we can tell that Mr. Manns was among the first Canadian people who believed and joint Falun Gong and he was definitely a senior Falun Dafa practitioner.

A trust fund has been set up for Manns’ sons while his family members and friends are trying to process the huge loss. The fund has already began receiving donation from the society. It is proved a lie that Li Hongzhi can protect Dafa practitioners through this accident.