Deng Hui, the Miao Le Buddha I Have Known

Recently, I happened to see Deng Hui, my former colleague, posed herself as “Miao Le Buddha” on the internet. Her title is Reincarnation of treasure mandolin, Buddha mother, Burning lamp Buddha mother and the real body of Shakyamuni’s birth mother. She called herself the only “governor of the universe” who had never appeared before and she is the certificated “Buddha in the twelfth dimension”who possesses death proof body and is able to perform wonders of turning stones into gold by touching. According to her, she appears in the world to deliver the “Light Tool” to humankind, to “wake up” humans and help them “lift to Buddha quickly”. In order to complete her mission, Deng Hui established an internet organization called “China Awakening University”, named herself as the principal and claimed to help humankind “receiving light” and “lift to Buddha without making too much effort”. Although these absurd deceptions are superficial and shallow without any scientific basis, there are still many people in the internet or the real world believed her or even obsessed with her “theory”.  In order to help those deceived people, I think I need to disclose Deng Hui’s real identity here, letting people know what kind of “real person” she is instead of “the Buddha Mother” she claimed. 

  De Hui, female, was born in the early 1966. Graduated in 1988, she once worked for Guang Xi post and telecommunications, UNICOM and Telecom. She quit her job in the March of 2013 and turned herself into the “Buddha mother”. As far as I know, when Deng Hui was young, she is bright and eager to learn, always worked very hard and earned good impression among colleagues. But later since she addicted to the so-called “Buddhism”, she became absent-minded at work and always made mistakes. Finally she failed to pass the performance evaluation and this had hit her substantially. Meanwhile, her isolated character, lack of communication and resistance of help result in her final resign. 

  Deng Hui claimed that she possessed death proof body that could last 1.35 billion years without food and drinks. But years ago I heard that she got colon cancer and had an operation in the hospital. Suppose she really has death proof body, how come she got the cancer? As her colleague, I know she is an ordinary person who needs to eat, drink and go to the doctors. Also, Deng said she can perform miracles that can turn stones into gold by touching. And the “Light Buddhist relics” she possesses can produce diamond and gold so that her followers do not have to worry about any money issue. If they follow her to practice “Light Buddhistrelics”, they can prolong their lives and get rid of any disease. People who have a little knowledge knows that in reality, diamond and gold need to be transformed by certain material and air itself cannot be turned into gold and diamond. 

  Deng Hui posts lots of passages and videos on the internet trying to turn herself into a real Buddha. Many ignorant netizen followed her up. I’ve read some of the passages and watched some parts of the videos. In the content, she emphasized many time that Tibetan Buddhism had the tradition of serving the master with the implication that her followers should offer her something. Also she announced to establish a foundation, calling for her followers to make donation for those in need. Anyone with a right mind would ask that why Deng Hui still asks followers to donation if she can really turn stones into gold? 

  Nowadays, such people like Deng Hui who made up absurd deceptions are not rare. They caught up the psychological and mental needs of some people trying to make money illegally from them. With the development of economy, people’s living standard is improved, the pace of life is becoming more and more quickly. But some people feel bored mentally, suffering from spiritual vacuum. Therefore, those absurd deceptions can take chance to attack.