You, Falun Gong, may stop contaminating us

A few days before, when I was on business in other place, I heard a modern joke like this: an old grandpa was roused by a fitful hurried ring late at night, he wrapped himself in a coat, picked up the phone unsteadily, it turned out to be Falun Gong’s follower “telling the truth” so as to save people from miserable life. The old grandpa then got angry, he roared at the transmitter: “Go to hell, Falun Gong, don’t bother me any more, ok?”

It is really beyond my imagination, I happened to be bothered by Falun Gong’s calling myself. On that day, when I picked up the phone, I heard a fitful eccentric music firstly (afterwards I had a guess that it may be the Falun Gong’s religion music). When I felt puzzled, I suddenly heard a woman’s voice: “Do you want to know the fact of Falun Gong?” She didn’t allow me to think more about it, just continued to talk. Now I think back and guess that the woman must be cannily-trained. This is why she was so dexterous. We I came to myself, she had indoctrinated me with a lot of false reasoning and vicious theory. I set down the transmitter, feeling a lousy sense of being duped. And the merry mood was dissipated completely.

Now that I didn’t curse her furiously in time just like that grandpa did, please allow me to say a few words to the evil Falun Gong. Falun Gong made the agitating call and camouflaged magnificently to “clarify the truth”, but actually it deliberately misrepresented by calling white black. First, it hoodwinked the people, then it deceived the people, and at last it acted shamelessly.

The self-burning incident happened in the Tian’anmen Square has helped more virtuous people to see clearly the true ferocious nature of Falun Gong. Therefore it became the principal content for Falun Gong to propagate illegally. At one time, it said that the self-burning people were not Falun Gong’s practitioners. At another time, it queried the authenticity of that record. It did things disorderly and racked its brains in scheming, the purpose of it was nothing but to detach the self-burning from Falun Gong, so as to attempt to turn the terrestrial tragedy into a government-directed farce.

But lies can not cover the fact. Until now, the burning scars are still on the faces of Hao Huijun, Chen Guo and other people. The scars may never wane. Wang Jindong and his family, who still adhered stubbornly to errors after having burned themselves for a time, now have disenchanted. In fact, after the self-burning incident, Li Hongzhi once incited those guys who were under his leadership to secretly investigate the identifications of the self-burning people, but he still fabricated rumors and made troubles. His personality was so filthy and his means were so despicable that all the gentlemen disdained and conspued them. Probably the Falun Gong wanted to enhance the stringency and reality, it added a gossip in the agitating call that in Shanghai, a teacher, Li, had been persecuted to death by the police just because he stood on the Falun Gong’s position. This was obviously an outright lie. As far as I knew, he did committed suicide. This can be another example for which the practitioner was under the mind control of the Falun Gong and walked up a road to ruin induced by the lie of “consummation”. However the Falun Gong fabricated lies and made false countercharges in order to shirk responsibility. The lie could not cover the fact, the Falun Gong’s crime of cruelly killing the innocent had been abundantly clear and known by the world. Now more than 1,600 Falun Gong zealots in the country have either committed suicide or disabled themselves. The Falun Gong’s spirit-contamination is so serious that it really forces us to wring ours wrists in despair. I have learned from a psychologist who studies international cult, that it is one of the distinct characteristics of the international cults. Some people are deceived to join the cult. After that, their minds are deeply controlled by the cult, and it is difficult for them to extricate themselves from it. Then hallucination and vain hope emerge in their minds which causing them to have the intention to commit suicide. We can see from it, how grievous it is the cult’s pernicious influence!

From the articles exposing and criticizing the Falun Gong’s crime issued in the newspaper recently, we can find out that Li Hongzhi is getting more and more raving and insane. He re-utilizes his so-called magic weapons, for example, the theory of “self-apotheosizing” and “globe explosion” so on and so forth. The Falun Gong zealots are willingly to be ordered around by him. They scatter the cult’s information wantonly, which seriously interferes with people’s normal daily life. However, they still think they are releasing people from sufferings. This is why their words and deeds are so annoying and pitiful.

Here, we’d like to sternly warn the Falun Gong cult: utilizing modern communication facilities (rather than using so-called special and supernatural forces) to propagate illegally is not only vainly but also opposite to what your wishes. More people have seen through the Falun Gong’s nature for a long time, and it would definitely make them irritated. The Falun Gong cult, you can stop your information contamination! As for me, I will uncompromisingly say “no” to the Falun Gong’s illegal propaganda if I happen to encounter it next time.