Fang Zhouzi interviewed by kaiwind and decoded ‘mysterious phenomenon’

“Scientific fighter” Fang Zhouzi accepted exclusive interview by kaiwind on February 27, he decoded the backgrounds of various “mysterious phenomenon” and revealed the mysterious veil.

With the recent Lan Ke’er elevator “mysterious” event as a starting point, Fang Zhouzi pointed out the abnormal behavior of Lan Ke’er, which can be explained from a scientific point of view, and it was not a “supernatural” event. Subsequently, Fang introduced and revealed the four famous “mysterious phenomenon” of “Bermuda Triangle”, crop circles, the Loch Ness monster, and Shennongjia “savages”, saying that a large number of human fabricated traces were behind the ” mysterious phenomenon ” , and even some phenomenon were completely artificially coined. Finally, Fang made deep analysis about the creation and spreading reason of the so-called “mysterious phenomenon”.   

Fang believes that the so-called “mysterious phenomenon” are exaggerated or fabricated by the fabricators for their own interests. Among them, some people aim to sell books, some want to publicize local attractions to attract more tourists, and some people want to become known. The Almighty God, and Falun Gong cult created “Miracles” to deify their gurus, or created panics to confuse people, or created terror to control followers. The root of all lies in the unspeakable interests of the fabricators.

At the end of the interview, Fang said that the reason for the unstopped “mysterious phenomenon”, to some extent, was that there was a certain lack in human’s physiology and psychology, so they took the advantage of the loopholes. As long as we have more rational thinking, more skepticism, more scientific literacy, and more accumulation of scientific knowledge and scientific methods, can we resist the confusion of the “mysterious phenomenon”.