Three Ranks of Servants established bases and illegally detained children

In September 2004, local police in Laixi City of Shandong Province detected a production and training base established by the cult Three Ranks of Servants (hereinafter referred to as the “TRS”) at Qian Liujiatun Village of Wangcheng Town, where four TRS members were found working in it and among them, two were children. The girl, named Luo Dan, was 14 years old and coming from Zhumadian City of Henan Province; and the boy, named Qiao Miao was only 12 years old and from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. These two children were illegally detained in the base, imbued with TRS doctrines and were forced to carry on heavy manual work in the fields.
Police investigation revealed that Qiao Miao was born in the Dalate Banner of Hohhot. His mother named Ma Li, and his father named Qiao Jun. After his parents got divorced, Qiao Miao lived with his granny. Ma Li was a TRS member who ranked “Co-worker” in the cult organization. Ma took her son away from her mother-in-law by cheat when the boy was just seven or eight years old, and send him to a TRS training base at Shunyi County in Beijing at first, and one year later transferred the boy to TRC Weihai Base for “training”. After a police rack-down at Weihai City, Qiao Miao was finally transferred to TRS Laixi Base. But up to now, the whereabouts of Qiao Miao’s mother remained a mystery. The other child, Luo Dan, was abducted from home and transferred several times before finally arriving at the Laixi Base. And information of her parents was not available.
To avoid being punished, head of the TRS Laixi Base constructed a basement under the house (see picture 4). Tunnel of the basement extended to a pigpen outside, and outlet of the tunnel was covered up with pig feed. Chimney in the yard served as an observation post (see picture 2). Each TRS member had only one contact, and the ins and outs of each member were not allowed to ask about even when the members worked together.
After arrival at the Laixi Base, the two children on the one hand were brainwashed with TRS doctrines and on the other, were forced to carry on physical labors such as feeding pigs or toiling in the fields etc., together with other adult TRS members who, according to police source, also engaged in sewing and stitching (see picture 3). The Base was totally isolated from the outside world, and only a few specially designated persons were allowed to get out. The two children stayed in the yard all day long or worked at dirty rooms. A slightest breach of the cult rule would bring about severe punishment: they were whipped, some times even hung upside down from a roof beam. When police came to their rescue, the two children were found shabbily dressed, absent-minded and full of bruises and scars around the body. They could not remember where they came from or the names of their beloved ones. Their MDI was about the level of a several-year-old baby.
Policemen took pains searching for Qiao Miao’s grandmother, and finally succeeded (see picture 5). So Qiao Miao re-united with his granny.
① Explanatory Note
The cult Three Ranks of Servants was established by Xu Wenku (also named “Xu Shuangfu”), a native from Zhenping County of Henan Province. Members of the cult were separated into six status levels: the Primary Servant (also called “Uncle”), the Secondary Servant (or “Little Uncle”), the Slave Girl, the Watch Dog, the Co-worker, and the Pillar. Tightly organized, their cultic activities once in a time spread out into 18 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Xu borrowed the form of address from the Holy Bible, claimed to be “Primary Servant”, and wantonly apotheosized himself. Followers took Xu as a god. Xu and backbones of the cult fabricated and spread the fallacies that, before Year 2000 there would be seven calamities in the world, the Day of Judgment was coming; that Jesus would bring followers into Paradise while putting those disobey into Hell; that the TRS was the sole Righteous Way to follow because it would some day “exercise control over the whole world” together with Jesus.
Members of the cult were rigidly stratified, each group having a specific work division. For instance, the Co-workers were TRS members who had already renounced the family, and they were further divided into two groups, the Front Co-worker and the Rear Co-worker. Front Co-workers were actually missionaries whose duties included recruiting followers, expanding the organ and supervising local Pillars. The Rear Co-workers were also called “Coolies” who engaged in productive work and had no pay. They belonged to the lowest level in terms of status grade, and every day, got up at three o’clock in the early morning, toiling in the fields, and did not go to sleep until eleven o’clock in the midnight. If a Co-worker did not work well, or failed to accomplish a given task, he would be severely punished by a senior Co-worker. And the common punishment was flogging.
In recent years, Xu and the backbones of the cult swindled a lot of money from innocent people under the camouflage of “donating personal property to God”; and they engaged in other criminal activities which disrupted social order and violated the law. According to insiders, a “Fa-protecting Squad” was established, and group members who went against TRS doctrine or became “traitors” would be savagely punished or even be killed.

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