How Li Hongzhi fools followers with hallucination

Various factors have contributed to Falun Gong practitioners’ infatuation with the cult, such as personal health conditions, family or social environments, and so on so forth. However, the author is convinced that Falun Gong organization induces its followers maliciously so that they have hallucinations and become infatuated.

Looking through the files of Falun Gong addicts, we can find that almost all of them had the experiences of hallucinations and so-called “the opening of celestial eyes” and saw the heavenly paradise. Before committing suicides, homicides and other crimes, almost all the Falun Gong addicts have suffered from acousma, claiming they “heard” the call of Master Li Hongzhi. That’s why we say contrived and malicious hallucination induction is an important means for the cult to conduct mental control over its believers.

Then by what means does the cult organization induce hallucinations among Falun Gong practitioners? I deem sitting cross-legged the major inducement.

1. Falun Gong’s explanations pervert the hallucination occurring in the process of sitting in meditation so as to conduct mental control.

All Qigong practitioners know that during practicing the Qigong masters require practitioners to enter a tranquil state and the method usually adopted is sitting in meditation, the purpose of which is to turn the practitioners’ consciousness into the state of nearly sleeping so that the boundary between consciousness and sub-consciousness melts down and, the contents of sub-consciousness enter consciousness. Thus, the practitioners are still awake, still conscious, yet they are in a state of daydream namely hallucination. Sitting cross-legged advocated by Falun Gong actually originates from sitting in meditation. When a Falun Gong practitioner sits cross-legged for a long enough period of time, hallucination occurs to him/her naturally. However, Falun Gong makes use of hallucination to conduct mental control over the practitioners by labeling it “super natural ability”.

Almost everyone dreams. Unless you intend to remember a dream, it won’t linger in your memory for long. Hallucination is just the same. But if you take it seriously, you will act in a deviant manner. Falun Gong induces practitioners with hallucination in a perverted way, the purpose of which is to impel practitioners to initiatively pursue and believe hallucination, and to indoctrinate them with heretical ideas by means of psychological hint so as to control the contents of hallucination and finally control practitioners mentally and lead them onto an evil way.  In order to make practitioners enter hallucination as soon as possible, the cult organization contemptibly invented the “sitting cross-legged” meditation which is against natural science and hurts the practitioners physically and mentally. Furthermore, the cult organization uses hypnotic music to accelerate the occurring process of hallucination. This contrived and malicious induction of hallucination is a means of mental control by Falun Gong.

2. Falun Gong overdraws hallucination so as to infatuate the practitioners.

Falun Gong misinterprets hallucination as seeing another space which is beyond or high above the reality, namely “the opening of celestial eyes”. They play up “the opening of celestial eyes” as an indication of being elevated to a higher level and claim that celestial eyes enable people “to see the true nature of substance. Those people with high-level celestial eyes are able to see time and space in other dimensions which are invisible to ordinary people. Even those people with general level celestial eyes are able to see through walls and clothes. They just can do it.”(Zhuan Falun on Minghui Net). ……At the instigation of Li Hongzhi, some Falun Gong practitioners hold strong desire for hallucination from the very beginning and deem “opening celestial eyes” as the ladder up to the paradise. Once hallucination occurs, the practitioners firmly deem what the master says truth since people always believe what they see with their own eyes, as the proverb goes: “Seeing is believing”. After the practitioners saw “the paradise” and “another space”, they deem it as a proof of the master’s guidance, and thus more firmly believe in the master and his heretical ideas. Most Falun Gong practitioners are ignorant about the basic psychology and knowledge on qigong cultivation, so in the process of Falun Gong’s spreading, the cult organization deifies Li Hongzhi and owes the naturally occurred hallucination to the master, and even associates the occurrence of hallucination with how much a practitioner worships the master so as to further deify the master and make the practitioners reliant on the master unconditionally. Once hallucination has occurred, the practitioner, in order to ascend paradise by the “heaven ladder”, usually accepts the explanation willingly and becomes more loyal to the master.

3. Vivid hallucinations make Falun Gong practitioners temporarily feel so high that they gradually become addicted to such feeling.

Undeniably, all Falun Gong addicts who have experienced hallucinations and “the opening of celestial eyes” feel refreshed both physically and mentally, because hallucination means reality instead of fantasy for them. Facts speak louder than words, so it’s unpersuasive for the addicts who have had such experience if we simply deny the trueness of hallucination. Moreover, from the very beginning of cultivation, Falun Gong preaches to its practitioners that hallucination is higher than reality, and it’s a more advanced existence than the real world. With the constant indoctrination of Falun Gong heretical ideas and under the control of the master’s authority, most Falun Gong addicts who have experienced hallucination have already lost their capabilities to discriminate hallucination from reality and are on the brink of schizophrenia, and consequently they become more zealous about the so-called cultivation so as to experience the refreshing of hallucination.

In fact before they began to practice Falun Gong, most practitioners have had troubles at home or with their health. Hallucination makes them feel comfortable and pleasant and hence temporarily forget those setbacks in life. It seems that they are free from pains and strains, and unhesitatingly they become spiritually dependent on Falun Gong.

4. Sense of achievements urges Falun Gong practitioners make reckless moves.

Deluded by Falun Gong heresy, practitioners who have experienced hallucinations have the sense of achievement, and have a firmer belief in “another space” and their “supernatural capabilities”. The addicts consider the normal people abnormal, thus turning a deaf ear to their opinions and deeming them absurd and ignorant. As a result, the Falun Gong addicts, with the purpose of “saving people” or “saving mankind from miserable life”, feel sorry for these “inferior” people and do not mind to take all the troubles to ask them to join Falun Gong or to “quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations”. In the eyes of these Falun Gong addicts, persuading an ordinary person to cultivate Falun Gong is to release him from miserable life and to do good works, and only by doing this continually can they increase their own opportunities and accelerate the speed of “ascending paradise” and reaching the final “Consummation”.

Hallucination is indescribably amazing to Falun Gong addicts, and therefore the cult organization tries all means to induce hallucinations and control the contents of “other spaces” in hallucination through repeated psychological hints. To be specific, Falun Gong organization requires practitioners to listen to “Fa interpreting by the master” and Falun Gong music and repeatedly read books about Falun Gong so as to force them to comprehend and memorize its heresies time and again. Some addicts can even recite ZhuanFalun backward fluently and memorize all scriptures of Li Hongzhi. In order to intensify the control over the disciples, the Falun Gong organization adopts enclosed management so that the disciples have no access to any other knowledge except Falun Gong heresies. Consequently, the addicts subjected to this type of coercive rules have nothing in their minds other than Falun Gong heresies and “beautiful paradise”, “consummation” and “another space” resulted from hallucination. The more prevailing the hallucinations become, the more readily Falun Gong addicts make reckless moves.

For the volunteers to help Falun Gong addicts break away from the cult, it’s essential to give a scientific interpretation for hallucination, convince them down to the ground, and then find out a reliable replacement for their psychological dependence. So and so only the Falun Gong addicts can get rid of the obsession of hallucination and start to live as normal people.